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Customer identity

Mohammad is the purchasing manager of a large swimming pool builder in Iraq, he is responsible for purchasing swimming pool lights for the company’s swimming pool projects. Mohammad has bought construction and decoration materials for the swimming pools from China many times. But due to a lack of experience with the product and China, Mohammad’s partners are traders rather than manufacturers.

Local market

Mohammad’s company mainly focuses on swimming pool projects in government and private villas. Due to perennial wars and the influence of foreign industrial products, the local manufacturing industry is still under development, and most industrial supplies need to purchase from abroad. The swimming pool lights produced in China are cost-effective and style novel and are very popular in the local area. Most of the suppliers working with Mohammad’s company are also from China.

Client needs

The client of Mohammad’s company recently complained to him about the failure of the swimming pool lights. Such as the lights and colors of the lights are out of sync, which seriously affects the lighting effect. Mohammad bought lamps from a trading company in China, and Mohammad immediately contacted the company after he got the complaints.

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It is a pity that although trading companies can help buy many types of goods, they are not manufacturers and don’t have professional technicians to find and solve problems. The trading company contacted the manufacturer of these faulted pool lights, but it finally failed to solve the problem for various reasons.

So Mohammad had to look for other manufacturers and eventually, he contacted WAKING Lighting.

Analyze problem

WAKING’s engineer reviewed the information provided by Mohammad carefully, and asked several questions about the product and project details, then quickly helped Mohammad find out the problems:

The line of this project is too long, the load is high, and the diameter of the wire is not enough, so the power supply of the lamp has a voltage drop. Insufficient pressure causes the lamps to work abnormally, and finally produces the phenomenon of out-of-sync light.

Problem solve

WAKING proposed the following solutions for this project:

Replaced the transformer

We suggested replacing the previous 500W transformer with two 300W safety isolation transformers supplied by WAKING and adjusting the power line into two circuits.

Replace the main wire

The effect of pressure drop can be effectively reduced when the original 2*1.5MM2 wire was replaced with a thicker 2*4MM2 wire.

With professional and high-quality service, WAKING has gained Mohammad’s trust. He adopted our suggestion and the problem was solved perfectly. In the subsequent communication, Mohammad was pleasantly surprised to find that purchasing products from manufacturers is more affordable than trading companies. So after that, Mohammad became our faithful client.

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