LED Underwater Pool Lights

LED Underwater Pool Lights

WAKING is a professional pool lighting manufacturer in China, whatever kind of pool light you need, we can provide it. Strong R&D, manufacturing strength guarantees that we can do it. Stainless steel, plastic, high temperature resistant, ultra thin, quick disconnect type, anti-glare, we have all these products. Haven't found what you want? Don't worry, tell us what you think, we are willing to create more new products.

Are underwater pool lights safe?

Yes, good quality underwater pool lights are very safe.

Underwater swimming pool lights can use VDE waterproof power cord, sealing rubber ring and lamp body sealing insulating colloid to prevent the lamps from leaking water and electricity.

The international safe voltage is 36v, and the voltage of LED underwater swimming pool lights is generally 12v/24v. Even if there is leakage, it will not cause harm to the human body.

If you are still worried about leakage, you can choose a 12V battery light. Other leakage protection measures can also be set in the circuit design of swimming pool lights.

How long do underwater pool lights Last?

High-quality underwater lights have a lifespan of more than 50000 hours.

The quality of LED chips, heat dissipation capacity and waterproof performance of lamps are the main factors affecting the service life of underwater swimming pool lamps.

High-quality LED chips decay slowly and have a longer service life.

Lamps with strong heat dissipation capacity can adapt to higher ambient temperature and withstand long-term use.

Lamps with good waterproof performance can be immersed in water for a long time without water leakage and short circuit problems.

Do LED pool lights work underwater?

Most pool lights require an underwater environment to function properly.Luminaires installed on the walls and bottom of the pool must work in an underwater environment.

Due to prolonged contact with water, the waterproof level needs to reach IP68 level to ensure that water will not enter. All underwater lights produced by WAKING are IP68 waterproof, but the waterproof level of underwater swimming pool lamps produced by some manufacturers is only IP67. You need to confirm clearly when purchasing.

Understanding underwater light IP ratings

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