Water Feature Lights

WAKING Lighting is a professional water feature lighting manufacturer and supplier. We produce water feature lights using AISI 316 stainless steel body material and glass lens materials. They have excellent corrosion resistance and water shock resistance. Rich luminous colours, a variety of beam angles to choose from and excellent visual effects.

Water Feature Lights

WAKING Lighting is a professional manufacturer of inground pool lights in China, no matter what kind of LED pool light you need, we can provide it. Strong R&D and manufacturing strength is our guarantee to do so. Didn't find the product you want? Don't worry, tell us your idea, we are willing to create more new products.

Water Feature Lighting Features

Water feature are usually composed of decorative elements such as rockeries, artificial waterfalls, fountains, sculptures, and aquatic plants.

Water feature lighting has very high requirements for light color, light and shade, and illumination angle. Careful placement is required to illuminate decorative elements and achieve an overall coordinated visual effect.

Some water features have complex water bodies, and the water flow often impacts the lamps, and the water is not changed for a long time. This requires water feature lights to have good durability and corrosion resistance.

Features of waterscape lights produced by WAKING Lighting

The lights are colorful

Most water feature lights support RGBW, and with our powerful lighting controller, rich light colors can be achieved.

Various lighting angles

Most water feature lights have a free choice of 15°/30°/45°/60°. Combined with RGBW, rich light effects can be achieved.

The quality is super

The body material of all water feature lights is SS304/316, and the lens material is tempered glass. It has strong corrosion resistance and water shock resistance.

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