Hotel Pool Project in the Philippines

Customer identity

Peter is the manager of a hotel in the Philippines. He is responsible for the procurement of daily consumables and decoration consumables for the hotel.

Local market

The manufacturing system in the Philippines is not accomplished, and many daily-used industrial products are dependent on imports, including swimming pool lights, many importers have the shopping habit of purchasing goods and then shipping them by sea through forwarders.

Client needs

Peter purchased some wall-mounted LED swimming pool lights for the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool two years ago, and now 8 of them have water leak problems, so he searched and compared many companies on the Internet. After he had a certain confidence in WAKING’s products, peter contacted us.

Broken light bulbs

Broken light bulb for eight pool lights

Peter made the following demands on us:

  • Quality assurance
  • Affordable price
  • In order to facilitate replacement, the size and power of pool lights should be similar to the broken light bulbs
  • In order not to destroy the original overall installation effect and lighting effect, the color and luminous effect of the lamp had better be similar to those of broken pool light bulbs

The solution we provided

WAKING’s sales carefully checked the product information of the lamps, and finally recommended HJ-WM-PC290 and HJ-WM-PC295 to him. These two swimming pool lights closed to the damaged lamp in all aspects and could cover the traces of the original installation.

Peter was very happy with our pool lights. However, replacing 8 pool lights at the same time, with accessories such as lamps and controllers, was too costly and Peter asked if there was any way we could reduce the cost of the purchase.

The broken bulbs are all international standard flat PAR56 bulbs. we can provide our flat PAR56 bulbs to replace them. Peter can just purchase PAR56 replacement bulbs, which could reduce a lot of expenses.

The previous transformer did not need to be replaced, we suggested peter reserve it.

The previous RGB controller had a different program and couldn’t be used universally with our pool lights, so it was necessary to purchase a set of adapted controllers for our pool lights.

Peter is very satisfied with our profession and service, and finally reached a deal with Waking for 8 sets of light sources and a set of controllers.

Installation experience

After the installation was completed, peter sent us an email to express his gratitude. He said that our product is great and our service is very professional, which saved him a lot of money.

The following are the lighting renderings:

pool light installation effect

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