Fiberglass Pool Lights

WAKING Lighting is a professional pool light manufacturer from China, we produce high quality fibreglass pool lights. Our products are RoHS/IP68/CE approved, 2-3 years maintenance and no middlemen involved. We offer the following two underwater lighting products for fiberglass pools: stainless steel pool lights and plastic pool lights.

Fiberglass Pool Lights Installation Demo Video

Fiberglass pool light mounting part comes with a nut in addition to a waterproof gasket to secure the pool light to the fiberglass sheet during installation.

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Our fiberglass pool lights are the most cost-effective on the market, thanks to our commitment to using only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process. Our lights are durable, reliable, and designed to provide exceptional performance for years.

Stainless Steel Fiberglass Pool Lights

Stainless steel fiberglass pool lights are both durable and attractive. Their bodies are constructed from 304/316 stainless steel, while their lenses are made of tempered glass or PC. These pool lights have a practical and stylish design, adding a unique charm to your pool.

As a material, stainless steel is strong and durable, known for its good corrosion resistance and antioxidant properties. 304/316 stainless steel are two commonly used types of stainless steel, both of which possess high strength and hardness. As a result, these pool lights can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as long-term immersion in water and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The lenses are made of tempered glass or PC, both of which have excellent transparency and impact resistance. Tempered glass is a safety glass that has higher strength and impact resistance after special treatment. PC material is a thermoplastic resin with good transparency and impact resistance.

Plastic Fiberglass Pool Lights

The bodies of the plastic fiberglass pool lights are made of ABS, and they are equipped with lenses made of PC material. These lights are highly cost-effective and durable. ABS is a thermoplastic resin known for its strength, hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. During the manufacturing process, anti-aging agents are added to enhance the lifespan of the lights.

The lenses, made of PC material, have excellent transparency and impact resistance. These swimming pool lights provide bright illumination and can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as long-term immersion in water and exposure to ultraviolet rays. As a result, they are ideal for outdoor swimming pools, water parks, and other similar locations. Additionally, these lights are easy to install and maintain, providing added convenience for users.

What Can You Experience at WAKING?

  • Support OEM and ODM
  • No MOQ restrictions
  • No middlemen involved
  • Recommend suitable products for your needs
  • Various lights to meet the lighting needs of pool, water feature and spa
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