Fiberglass Pool Lights

WAKING is a professional pool light manufacturer from China, we produce high quality fibreglass pool lights. Our products are RoHS/IP68/CE approved, 2-3 years maintenance and no middlemen involved.

Fiberglass pool light features

The installation parts of fiberglass pool light is quite different from those of traditional concrete pool, so you need to pay attention when choosing products.

This is a schematic diagram of a common fiberglass pool light installation.

fiberglass pool light installation

Some fiberglass pool lights have different accessories and installation methods, please refer to the product details. You can also replace the light source by referring to the installation method.

What is unique about the fiberglass pool lights produced by WAKING?

Some of WAKING's lamps feature a unique modular design. By changing different accessories, it can be applied to concrete, fiberglass and plastic film swimming pools.

We also prepare accessories in plastic and stainless steel for you to choose from to meet your diverse needs. As shown below.

fiberglass pool light parts

What Can You Experience at WAKING?

  • Support OEM and ODM
  • No MOQ restrictions
  • No middlemen involved
  • Recommend suitable products for your needs
  • Various lights to meet the lighting needs of pool, water feature and spa
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