Switch Synchronization Controller

Operating Voltage: AC 110-250V
Power Option: 600W
Model: HJ-0040/HJ-0041


switch synchronization controller


Switch Synchronization Controller.

Control Way: Remote control

Receiver Material: PC & Silicone buttons

Remote Control Radio Frequency: 315MHz

7 static colors, 5 light shows, 10 speeds

Built-in antenna, 30m wireless remote control range in open areas.

HJ-0041 is an internal control RGB synchronous control device that can be directly connected to high voltage, and the maximum load power is 600W. The ultra-thin body adopts high-quality PC engineering plastic shell, which is light in size and elegant in appearance; it uses high-power terminal blocks to make wiring installation more convenient. With simple and clear design, you can choose the desired light color and mode
with one button, and switch between 7 static light colors and 6 color shows at will. With the 18-button remote control handle, you can realize wireless remote control in an open area of 30 meters.

switch synchronization controller


With full touch panel and touch handle, it supports mobile remote control.

Control Ways: Screen touch remote, mobile App

Remote Control Radio Frequency: 868MHz

Support WiFi and Bluetooth connection in Android and iOS system

Built-in antenna, 30m wireless remote control range in open areas

Remote control via mobile App

HJ-0040 is a high-performance WiFi & Bluetooth intelligent lighting control device with a maximum load power of 600W, which is anupgraded version of the HJ-0041 controller. In addition to the basic control method of HJ-0041, remote intelligent control can be realized by connecting WiFi and the mobile device App developed by our company, and short-distance intelligent control can be realized through Bluetooth when the network is not available. Our App is compatible with smart devices of iOS and Android systems. You can intelligently adjust the lighting color, mode, switch and other functions by downloading the App through App Store or scanning the QR code. Users can also set the
functions of timing of turning on and off the lights according to personal needs.

switch synchronization controller size

HJ-0041 szie

switch synchronization controller size

HJ-0040 szie

switch synchronization controller wiring diagram

HJ-0041 and underwater lights wiring diagram

switch synchronization controller wiring diagram

HJ-0040 and underwater lights wiring diagram

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