Single Controller

Operating Voltage: Battery 23A 12V
Model: HJ-0010


Single Remote Controller ( Suitable for small pool to control up to 4 lights ).

HJ-0010 Detailed Parameters

Battery : 23A 12V

Working Current : 30mA

Receiver Dimensions : 132*52*15mm

Remote Control Radio Frequenc : 315MHz

RF Remote Output Power : 3W

HJ-0010 is a single remote controller for internally controlled RGB underwater light. It has a simple and clear design of 18 buttons. You can choose the desired light color and mode with one button, and switch between 7 static light colors and 5 color shows at will. 10 speeds and brightness are adjustable. External antenna is used to realize wireless remote control of 30m in open areas. It is suitable for small family or commercial swimming pools, and can control no more than 4 underwater lights.

single controller size

Single controller size

single controller wiring diagram

Single controller and underwater lights wiring diagram

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