Dimming Controller

Operating Voltage: AC 100-240V
Model: HJ-0-10V


HJ-0-10V single color dimmer supports dimming curve selection function. Dimming depth can achieve 0.1-100% dimming limit. LED dimming starts from 0.1%, to meet the diverse requirements for light intensity. The dimming process is smooth and flicker-free, making it more comfortable for the eyes. It uses advanced digital circuit design, built-in high-performance MCU, supports deep flicker-free dimming, and is compatible with different brands of external control systems on the market. It complies with safe extra-low voltage labeling with protection for short-circuit, over-temperature, overload, and over-voltage.

dimming controller dimmer panel

Dimmer Panel Detailed Parameters

Input Voltage : AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz

Output Voltage : DC 0-10V

Working Temperature : -10 degrees to 50 degrees

Output Power : 0-10v, no more than 15ma

Dimmer Panel Dimensions : 87*87*34mm

dimming controller panel size

Dimming controller panel size

dimming controller and underwater lights wiring diagram

Dimming controller and underwater lights wiring diagram

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