8 Common Problems in Pool Lighting

While illuminating a pool is not difficult, getting it right takes a lot of thought. Even if you have installed lighting, there may still be areas where you have not done enough to make the pool lighting experience less enjoyable. In this article, I will list 8 common pool lighting problems and see if you can avoid or solve them by reading the following. Are you ready?

Too many lights installed

Some people make their pools sparkle more by installing more lights, but often realise after practice that it’s not so good. Apart from the fact that the lighting effect is not amazing, the complicated wiring, the tedious construction and the difficult maintenance afterwards all make people regret their decision.

Ambient light interference

Ambient light disturbing pool

Some lighting effects of surrounding buildings would affect the outdoor pools, creating a form of light pollution. We can take the following measures to reduce the impact of ambient light on swimming pools:

Increasing the brightness of pool lighting

Try increasing the brightness of the pool lighting, it can make the pool more visible, and offset the effects of weaker ambient light to some extent. This solution will increase energy consumption.

Blocking ambient light from reaching the pool

Planting greenery around the swimming pool and installing a barrier can effectively reduce the impact of ambient light. This solution is more costly and will have a very limited effect if the light pollution comes from higher ground.

Have a good talk

Perhaps we can respond in a different way. Visit your neighbor with a gift and politely ask him or her to lower the light levels. A pleasant conversation will improve or even completely solve the problem, by being polite and smiling during the conversation.

Overlooked lighting areas

Many people tend to focus on the decorative effect of the lighting in the main areas. Areas such as steps and edges of the pool also need to be visible, in order to avoid accidents such as bumps and falls. Increasing the brightness of the entire pool environment, or using low-power pool lights or LED strips to illuminate these areas individually.

Uneven lighting

Too bright or too dark is a problem, and uneven lighting can reduce the lighting and decorative effect. Extreme unevenness may produce glare, which will greatly reduce your enjoyment of the pool.

Uneven pool lighting

When installing pool lighting, take into account the size, depth, and shape of your pool. And install lighting that provides a balanced lighting effect. If your pool does not have lighting design support from the designer, ask the seller for help when looking for a product.

Untimely maintenance

When pool lights are cracked, broken gaskets deteriorate, etc., you need to deal with them as soon as possible. Regular cleaning of the lamp surface and replacement of the pool water can effectively extend the life of the pool light. Some pool lighting faults can be rectified by maintenance. If they are not dealt with in time, the problem may get worse and eventually the entire luminaire may need to be replaced.

Neglecting electrical safety

In addition to the lighting effect, electrical safety also needs attention. Most of today’s LED pool lights are 12V/24V safe, which are sufficient for home use and most public scenes. Some non-LED pool lighting products or a few high power LED pool lights may use higher voltages and need to be considered carefully when purchasing.

It is also advisable to equip the lighting system with a leakage protection device, regardless of the type of pool light used. It will prevent electric shock accidents.

Too much focus on price

Most people always tend to buy cheaper products. Saving money is a good habit, but buying pool lights should not be based on price alone. The warranty, materials and certification of the pool light are equally important. It is better to choose a cost-effective product with reference to price, quality and other factors.

Many cheaper lights are of poor quality and suffer from water ingress, rusting and light decay after a period of use. High maintenance costs are a feature of poor quality pool lights.

Rusty, poor quality pool light

Energy consumption not considered

Power and time of use determine the energy consumption of pool lights. After a period of use, the cost of consuming electricity will gradually exceed the cost incurred by purchasing the light.

The following are some measures to reduce electricity costs:

Lighting with LEDs

High quality LED lights are 5-7 times brighter than incandescent lamps of the same power and have a service life of over 50,000 hours. The longer you use LED pool lights, the more you save on your electricity bill.

Choose low power lighting products

Try to choose low-power pool lights as long as they meet your lighting needs. In the same usage scenario, low power pool lights consume less energy.

Adjusting brightness

Reduce energy consumption by adjusting the brightness of your pool light according to changes in ambient brightness. Many lighting manufacturers are starting to support the ability to install an app on your mobile phone to control your pool lights via wifi or Bluetooth. Controlling pool lights has become easier and more convenient.

Reduce the time the pool lights are on

Reducing the time the pool lights are switched on when they are not needed can also reduce energy consumption. In addition to manual switching, you can also use the timer function of the pool light controller or install a sensor switch that automatically switches on and off depending on the ambient light level.


You may have noticed that I have not given detailed solutions to some of the problems. This is because many problems are common but very individual and require a full understanding of your pool lighting situation before a suitable solution can be given.

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