Practical Pool Lighting Ideas

Perhaps you’re not content with just lighting up your pool and want to enhance the pool lighting experience in a variety of ways. I’m going to give you some pool lighting ideas to enhance your experience, they’re all very practical so let’s get started!

blue pool light

Blue light

This is the most popular luminous colour for pool lights.

Blue light has a short wavelength between 400-500nm. Light with a shorter wavelength travels further in the water, making the water appear clearer and more translucent.

Blue is a colour that helps the body and mind to relax, making it possible to enjoy a good time in the pool.

The colour blue is close to the colour of the sea, making blue pools look more natural.

Colour changing lighting

Colour changing lighting is a simple and easy to use way to enhance the pool lighting experience. Blue is a good choice of light, but there are times when we need to bring a more colourful twist to the pool.

The colour changing pool lights almost always use LEDs as the light source and we can change the light colour, brightness, speed of change and other parameters through the controller. The colour changing pool lights allow us to make our pool lighting effect less monotonous and boring.

LED lighting

Using LED lighting means more than just saving energy and money.

LED pool lights are very safe, with a wide range of lighting effects and a wide range of products. It is thanks to LEDs that we are able to diversify our pool lighting effects.

Underwater lighting

Underwater is the most important area of the pool for lighting. Buy underwater pool lights and install them on the wall or at the bottom of the pool. As well as illuminating the water directly, light can undergo all sorts of strange refraction and reflection phenomena in the water. These natural optical phenomena make your pool even more unique and attractive.

underwater pool lighting

Floating water lights

It is also a great idea to place some floating water lights for the pool. The light of the aqua pool lights can change in response to the pool’s current, creating a very interesting and dynamic effect.

As well as glowing near the surface of the water, these lights can also reflect light back into the water. The combination of above and below water lights will make your pool even more stunning.

Plant lighting

If you have extra space around your pool, consider planting some evergreen plants and placing lights into them. This type of lighting is unique and close to nature and will bring your pool to life.

Care needs to be taken to keep a certain distance between the pool and the plants, otherwise the fallen leaves of the plants can contaminate the water. Small insects attracted by the lights and plants can also cause problems when too close to the pool.

Installing light strips

Light strips can be installed around the pool on the walls, steps, etc.

At night, the strip’s illumination makes it easier to see steps, walls, etc., reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Light strips are also LED lighting products, which not only provides a softer lighting effect, but also a unique way of dressing up the pool.


Do you have a family member with sensitive eyes to light? Worried that the light is too harsh? Don’t worry, anti-glare pool lights are the answer to your worries. These pool lights are equipped with specially designed lenses that distribute the light more evenly and softly.

anti-glare pool light

If you are on a budget and want to have a more comfortable lighting experience, you can also take the anti-glare pool lights into consideration.

Heat resistant

Some outdoor pools are affected by the climate and surroundings during the hot summer months and the pool water heats up severely. Ordinary pool lights suffer from heat dissipation in hot pools. In this environment, if you still need to maintain a high duration or frequency of use, you can choose a high temperature resistant pool light.

The heat dissipation design of heat resistant pool lights is even better, slowing down the rate of light decay and extending the actual life of the light.


Tired of thick and heavy pool lights? Ultra-thin pool lights are typically only 10-20mm thick, with some products as little as an astonishing 4mm.

 ultra-thin pool light

The ultra thin surface mounted swimming pool light is basically flat with the swimming pool wall, avoiding the possibility of bumping into the human body.

Music and lighting

Combining music and lighting is a great idea. Relying on the powerful DMX lighting control system, you can make the lights change to the rhythm of the music. Your pool will become even more unique.

Many musical fountains use a similar design. In addition to the lights and music, the water flow and angle of the fountain can be changed by the control system. The combination of music, light and fountain creates a visual, aural feast.

WAKING Lighting are experts in the field of pool lighting, if you have any lighting queries or need any related products, please feel free to contact us.

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