Niche or Nicheless: How to Choose Swimming Pool Lights?

niche vs. nicheless pool lights

Due to different user habits in different regions, there are many types of swimming pool lights. In North America and some other regions, nicheless lights and niches are two common ways of classifying swimming pool lights. So, what is the difference between nicheless and niche? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? How to choose the right lighting for your swimming pool? This article will answer these questions in detail.

What is a Swimming Pool Light Niche?

pool light niches

A niche is the housing of a swimming pool light, an important component of a recessed swimming pool light. Niches are usually embedded in the walls or floors of swimming pools during installation, which helps to seamlessly integrate the swimming pool light into the overall design. The swimming pool light niche is very important for ensuring the normal operation, safety, and aesthetics of underwater lighting.

What is a Dry-niche Swimming Pool Light?

Installation or maintenance of dry niche pool lights requires a waterless environment. Once installed in the niche, the pool light forms a seal with the niche to prevent water from entering.

What is a Wet-niche Swimming Pool Light?

Wet-niches allow water to enter the interior of the niche, helping to dissipate heat from the lamp body and ensure as long a lifespan as possible. You can install or maintain wet niche swimming pool lights underwater or in damp areas.

What is a Nicheless Swimming Pool Light?

Nicheless swimming pool lights do not require a designated niche to be installed on the side walls of the pool, making it easy to install and replace the lamp body.

Comparison of Features Between Niche and Nicheless Lights

Advantages of Niche Lights

  • Flexible choice of dry or wet niche lighting products as needed
  • There are huge differences in size and diverse styles among different brands and models. You can find suitable niche lights among many styles to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your swimming pool
  • Some niche lights have more choices in beam angle and power
  • As long as there is enough space, the heat dissipation design of the niche light will be more excellent, and it will still be flush with the pool wall
niche pool light installation

Disadvantages of Niche Lights

  • Many niche lights have larger diameter openings in the pool wall, and the opening requirements vary dramatically from one brand model to another
  • Installation and maintenance are more complicated and require more time
  • The designs of many manufacturers’ niche lights are different, with poor compatibility, which brings many troubles for later maintenance

Advantages of Nicheless Lights

  • Compact light body, simple structure, easier installation and maintenance
  • Less damage to walls or pool bottoms than many niche lights
  • Most can be installed in standard 1.5-inch return ports, making it easy to purchase suitable installation accessories on the market
  • Nicheless lights are less expensive than traditional pool lights
nicheless pool light installation

Disadvantages of Nicheless Lights

  • Limited by size and heat dissipation design, there are few high-power products
  • Most nicheless lights have a fixed beam angle of 120°

Choose a Niche or Nicheless Swimming Pool Light?

You can make your choice after considering factors such as the type, size and installation location of the pool.

By saving on niches, you can lay more lights for your pool within the same budget. In this way, you can achieve brighter and more uniform lighting effects. For a small family swimming pool, nicheless pool lights are a good choice.

nicheless pool lighting

The parameters of the niche lights, with a wide choice of shapes, they can meet the lighting needs of almost all pools. In addition, niche lights can also prevent damage or injury caused by impact or stepping. In public or commercial swimming pool lighting systems, niche lights are more common.

You can also choose according to your preferences. If you can’t decide, ask the manufacturer or retailer for help.

What are the Features of WAKING Lighting’s Niche and Nnicheless lights?

WAKING Lighting is a professional manufacturer of underwater lighting equipment. We have a wide range of LED pool lights to meet the needs of users in different regions of the world.

Our dry niche pool lights (also known as recessed pool lights) and nicheless pool lights are both very popular. It is worth noting that some users in North America categorize our surface mounted pool lights as nicheless pool lights as well.

Whether it’s a niche light or a nicheless light, we offer the following options to meet our customers’ individual needs :

  • Stainless steel or plastic light body optional
  • Some models are equipped with anti-glare lenses for soft lighting
  • Can be installed on the wall or bottom of the swimming pool
  • Multiple power options available
  • Most models support RGBW Supports WIFI or Bluetooth control
nicheless pool light installation parts

In addition, we have developed 6 universal installation accessories for our nicheless swimming pool lights. You only need to choose different accessories to suit concrete, fiberglass or film pools respectively. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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