Meeting You At The Canton Fair

The past few years have been an unforgettable experience for most people. Since the outbreak, many worldwide have been hit to varying degrees.

WAKING pool lighting products are well received by customers worldwide, sales have remained steady, and production at the factory has not been significantly affected. However, many customers and friends who had planned to visit our factory could not arrive due to the restrictions imposed by the epidemic. Many of our friends who wished to come to China for the Canton Fair also lost the opportunity to meet an excellent manufacturer like WAKING.

Meeting You At The Canton Fair

During this period, WAKING maintained contact with foreign customers via the Internet and telephone and continued to produce quality products according to strict processing and testing standards. In addition, WAKING has invested more resources in developing new products and processing improvements. We have become technologically stronger and have introduced more new products.

Now, with the passing of the epidemic, WAKING can finally return to the exhibition site and meet more customers and friends. WAKING will continue to actively participate in global pool product exhibitions to showcase our products and technical strength to more people and let more people know about WAKING Pool Lighting Co. WAKING also welcomes friends from all over the world to visit our processing factory at any time.

After the epidemic, WAKING’s technical strength is stronger, and our products’ quality has improved. In future development, we will always adhere to the concept of quality first and service first. We will constantly strengthen communication and cooperation with customers and continuously launch more and better products to create more value and benefits for our customers. We look forward to cooperating with more customers to win a win-win future with them!

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