Indonesia Swimming Pool Lighting Project

Miss LW from Indonesia is preparing various decoration materials for her new villa. Most of the decoration materials purchased by Miss LW have been completed, and only the underwater swimming pool lights need to buy.

Miss LW’ High Requirements For The Pool Lighting Effects

Miss LW desires a fantastic swimming pool, so she has very high requirements for the lighting effects of the swimming pool. Her pool contractor has provided a complete concrete pool design for her. He promised a great effect if you carry out the construction strictly according to the drawings and install the proper lighting.

However, most of the swimming pool light styles that the swimming pool contractor provides are made of plastic, with very few types of stainless steel lights. She doesn’t like these light styles.

Locally, people like to buy products in China and ship them back home through freight forwarders. Out of her interest in pool lights, Ms. Lu suddenly had the idea of looking for Chinese pool light suppliers on the Internet. When she searched for pool lights online, she came across WAKING, and she was very happy to find her favorite style. So Miss LW contacted WAKING to learn more about WAKING’s stainless steel pool lights.

SS304/SS316 Swimming Pool Light

Miss LW found that the stainless steel pool lights provided by Waking are available in SS304 and SS316. Miss LW remembers that the other stainless steel building materials in the villa are SS304. So ask what the difference is between the two materials. Waking’s salesman told Miss LW that SS304/SS316 could not be directly distinguished from the appearance. However, 316 stainless steel adds molybdenum to 304 stainless steel, which makes it more resistant to corrosion and rust. It is more suitable for waters with relatively high pH, such as seawater swimming pools and aquarium pools. Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, choosing SS316 stainless steel swimming pool lights is recommended. Miss LW told the Waking salesman that her swimming pool would be a saltwater pool, and SS316 was exactly what she wanted.

Beam Angle Consultation

From the catalog provided by WAKING, pool lights are available in 15°/30°/45°/60°/120° beam angles. Ms. Lu is not sure how to choose and asks which one is the most suitable. She hoped that the pool would be bright enough after installing the pool light.

swimming pool design drawing
Illustration of Miss LW’s pool design
The beam angle of Waking pool lights
The beam angle of WAKING pool lights

After carefully reviewing the pool layout sent by Ms. LW, we responded: Brightness is related to the power of the lamp. Brightness is related to the power of the lamp, and the irradiation angle is closely related to the irradiation distance and range of the lamp. Large irradiation angle, wide irradiation range, but the irradiation distance is relatively close. Small irradiation angle, irradiation range is narrow, but the irradiation distance is relatively far. Ms. Lu does not need to worry about the brightness of the pool. We will make personalized suggestions according to the customer’s pool structure and the design of the lamp installation location.

Personalized Lighting Recommendation

According to the position of the 25cm swimming pool steps of Miss LW swimming pool, the lights are far from the edge of the pool, as well as the customer’s budget and requirements for brightness. We recommend the HJ-WR-SS180L with 180mm, 45-degree illumination angle, and 35w.

At the 15cm step position in the swimming pool, the lights are arranged relatively close, so there’s no need for high power. We recommend HJ-WR-SS100 with 100mm diameter, 10w power, and a 120-degree irradiation angle.

After Ms. LW communicated with the pool contractor, Ms. LW decided to change the recessed installation to a wall-mounted installation. These two products are high-end products of our Waking, which support wall-mounted and recessed installation methods. Miss LW is delighted.

The customer has specific requirements for the lights on the right side of the swimming pool due to their scattered and large installation position. They need lights with a wide irradiation range and high brightness. Additionally, they want to install a large-sized swimming pool wall light that is thin and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we recommended HJ-WM-SS270 with 35W power and 120-degree illumination angle to Miss LW.

The other 4 lights on the left side of the swimming pool are densely installed. In order to not recommend too many different designs, which affect the appearance, we recommend HJ-WR-SS180L with a 45-degree illumination angle. Considering that the distance between the lights and the pool is not far, we recommend her lights with a smaller power of 18W to help customers save costs.

Ms. LW checked with the pool contractor for relevant information, and the contractor also approved our recommendation. She was very happy and ordered SS316 material swimming pool light, which she needed for her swimming pool.

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