How To Turn On Pool Lights?

Turn On Pool Lights

Can’t turn on the underwater pool lights? Installed LED pool lights but didn’t know how to switch the lights? It is believed that most pool owners have had similar experiences, and these issues are exactly what pool light buyers are worried about.

So how do we avoid this from happening? Or is there any other way to turn on the pool lights or change the underwater lighting? This article will introduce the swimming pool light switch, Waking pool light switch, and lighting control method.

First of all, let’s take a look at the swimming pool light controllers.

Pool Lighting Controllers

Pool Lighting Controllers

On the light controller, you can change the lighting effect by changing the color, adjusting the speed and so on. If you are interested in LED Pool Lights Color Change Have Principle, welcome to read Colour Changing LED Pool Lights: The Definitive Guide.

Single Pole Switches

This swimming pool light switch is the same as the common light switch. It is very simple. You just need to press up and down to turn on and off the light.

Single Pole Switch

Working principle of the single pole pool light switch:

  • There are one or more electronic contacts in the switch. The “closed” contact means that it allows current to flow. The “open” of the switch means that no current flows past.

The downside of this switch is that it doesn’t control the lights; even if it does, there are very few options to choose from. If you have high requirements for lighting, you can ask the seller if there are other control methods for pool lights when you buy pool lights.

Rotary Switches

Rotary switches are also a very common control method. You may see it on radios, fans, microwave ovens in your home, and rotary switches in various electrical appliances.

Rotary Switch

Working principle of the rotary pool light switch:

  • The rotary switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the main contact by rotating the handle.

The rotary switch that controls the pool light can adjust the brightness of the pool light. This switch is similar to the traditional switch, except that the rotary switch is more flexible than the traditional switch in adjusting the brightness of the light.

External Controller

One typically uses an external controller to control a pool light with 12V/24 RGB DC power. Control commands are sent to the light via the controller’s built-in program to change the lighting effect. Different external controllers have different programs, and how the pool light changes depend entirely on the external controller.

LED light external controller

Take external controller produced by WAKING Lighting as an example, you can control it through its remote and control panel. In addition you can control the pool lighting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using an app downloaded to your phone.

It is worth noting that if it is used to control a color changing pool light, the wiring will be more cumbersome.

Internal Controller

The internal controller controls the luminous effect of the light by sending a signal corresponding to the control chip inside the light to achieve synchronous control, generally used for 12V/24V AC RGB pool lights.

LED light external controller

Take external controller produced by WAKING Lighting as an example, it also supports downloading APP to control the pool light via Wifi or Bluetooth. Usually, each manufacturer’s pool light has its own fixed built-in program that cannot be used across brands.


DMX512 is an international common control system, it is suitable for many lighting scenes. Almost all underwater luminaire manufacturers produce products that support DMX512 control. It should be noted that if a DMX512 control system is used, the fixture’s power cable will be slightly different from the original control system.


DMX512 is a standard protocol for controlling lighting effects, which allows users to change existing lighting effects with preset commands. However, this approach can be cumbersome. For most small to medium sized pools and water features, such complex lighting control systems are not necessary. Often, several of the other control systems described earlier in this article will suffice.

Why Can’t the Pool Light be Turned On?

There can be a number of reasons why a pool light won’t turn on, here are some of the possible reasons:

Problems with the power supply

If the power to the pool light is not turned on or the power wiring is faulty, the pool light will not turn on.

Damaged light bulb

If the bulb of the pool light is damaged, the pool light will not turn on. You can check if the bulb is damaged and replace it with a new one.

Wiring problems

If the wiring of the pool light is faulty, the pool light will not turn on. You can check if the wiring is working properly and fix the fault.

In addition, the inability to turn on the pool light may also be a problem with the controller. For example:

It has a long distance between the remote control and the sync controller

Like other home remote controls, the remote controls have a certain range. When you exceed the range limited by the remote control, the control signal of the remote control cannot be transmitted to the box. Naturally, the LED underwater light cannot be controlled.

The battery in the remote control is out of power

For the remote control to send a signal, it must have a power source from the battery. When the battery is dead, we need to replace the battery.

Too many obstacles

There are too many obstacles between the remote control and the pool light controller box, such as walls and other devices. Which will affect the transmission of the remote control signal and cause the remote control to malfunction.

You can check whether your remote control has the above problems when the operation fails.

What kind of controller should I get?

For the average user I would recommend buying colour changing LED luminaires and asking the supplier to recommend the right controller for your application scenario.

For many large or complex lighting projects, DMX512 is a must. The versatility of the DMX512 will also protect your project if you need to switch to a new lighting product supplier for price or quality reasons.

When we choose a controller, we should also understand that in addition to the international DMX512 controller, the swimming pool light switches of different manufacturers will be different. Therefore, if you need to replace the swimming pool light or controller, you must confirm whether the new one matches the old one. Otherwise, the newly purchased swimming pool light switch will not work.

Suppose you have any needs for underwater pool light products. In that case, you can contact WAKING Lighting, and we will provide you with the most cost-effective product solutions.

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