How To Change A Pool Light?

What would you do to pass the time on a hot summer day? Most of you would agree that swimming or playing water sports on a hot day is fantastic. At night, playing in a pool with color-changing pool lights and having a good time with your family is a lot of fun. Some people may not know how to replace a pool light if it is broken. Don’t worry! We will propose a very easy way to do pool light replacement. And now, let’s see how to do pool light replacement.

Steps For Pool Light Replacement

Preparation before replacement

First, identify the damaged pool light.

Next, confirm if the pool light is designed with a replaceable pool light bulb and prepare the corresponding replacement product. If it is replaceable, you simply need to replace the new light source after removing the pool light. Otherwise, you can only replace the entire pool light.

You may need to have the following tools on hand before performing the replacement work :

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • New pool light or replacement light source
  • Soft towel or cloth
  • Voltage tester

Step1. Drain some water if necessary

Drain some water to ensure enough activity space

In the case of wet niches the replacement work can be done directly underwater, in the case of dry niches the pool light must be exposed to the surface of the water.

Also, if the water level is too high in relation to the pool light, you may need to be prepared with additional scuba equipment while working. If you decide to replace your pool light yourself instead of hiring a professional, I recommend draining some of the water to make the job easier.

Step2. Turn off all the power

Turn off all the power

Safety is our first priority. You must turn off all the power before the pool light replacement. First, find the circuit breaker box and press the ‘pool’ button. If there is no ‘pool’ button in your home’s circuit breaker box, try to find the circuit breaker that controls your pool. Generally, you can find it around your pool. And if you can’t find the two, you can shut down all the power of your home.

When all the power shuts down, you need to check if the power has been turned off by trying to switch on the pool lamps.

Don’t skip any of these steps! You can’t be too careful in this work.

Step3. Check the pool lights and wires

To maintain or replace pool light on the ground. Generally, a 1-1.5 meter wire is reserved when installing underwater pool lights. So when you locate the broken lamp, you can pull it to the ground directly. The reason is the same as the above. Working in water is different from working on the ground. No matter detaching or installing the pool lights, it’s difficult. So, for success in pool light replacement, do this step on the ground.

Then what, the next is to remove the pool light.

Step 4. Remove the pool light

Remove the pool light

Remove the screw of the fixture,then remove the pool light from the bracket or niche and pull it to the floor. This usually requires a Phillips screwdriver. If the pool light is older, you may need to spend more time removing the pool light. Be patient! Once you have unscrewed the screws, place it where it won’t roll and get lost.

Some pool lights are recessed into the niche by means of a snap. Using a flathead screwdriver you can pry this type of pool light out of the fixture. Don’t use brute force when prying, try more.

The design of the niches for different types of pool lights can vary very much. If you are not sure how to proceed with the next dismantling and installation work, it is best to find the relevant product instructions or consult the after-sales staff.

Finally, replace a new pool light.

Step5. Install a new pool light or bulb

Install a new pool light or bulb

If you only need to replace the light source, you have to do is to remove the cover and lens from the light fixture, followed by using a towel to unscrew the old light bulb, align the connector and replace it with the new one to tighten it.

If you need to replace the entire pool light, you can continue from the next step.

Step6. Turn on the power and test

Turn the power on and test if the pool light is on. Whether the light is on or not, turn off the power immediately.

LED pool lights need to channel heat into the water to dissipate it. Prolonged lighting in non-underwater environments can result in a much shorter lifespan and serious fading and other problems. If they don’t light up, you need to double check and fix the problem.

Step7. Place the pool light back in the pool light niche or on the stand

All you have to do is reverse the removal process to reinstall your pool light fixture. Remember the screws you put away earlier, now it’s time to screw them back into place.

Congratulations! When you come to this step, all the jobs you need for pool light replacement are done. And enjoy the fantastic swimming pool.


  • Replace the pool light in time if the pool light fixture is badly damaged
  • Ensure that all power is off before pool light replacement
  • Be careful when detaching pool lights and avoid destroying the waterproof gasket
  • Replace pool light with correct procedures

Questions About Pool Light Replacement You Might Be Concerned About

How often do pool light replacements?

First, we need to know that Led lamps account for a large proportion of the lighting market. Low energy consumption, long lifetime, green, and environmental friendly make LED lights become the mainstream lamps.

Now I will take LED light as an example. From two aspects of the LED lighting principle, LED pool light waterproof function, to answer how often to do pool light replacement.

Using LED as a light source to make the lighting appliance is LED lamps. LED lighting is light-emitting diode lighting, a semiconductor light emitting device. LED lighting fixtures can be almost competent for any occasion. It is also perfect for swimming pool lighting because its small size allows for dynamic brightness and color control. LED pool lights can not only achieve the purpose of lighting but also can change various colors, to add a lot of fun to the evening entertainment life.

The LED light uses epoxy resin to encapsulate, and its parts are fixed firmly. Therefore, LED lights have a longer life than ordinary lights.

As for the level of waterproofness, our LED pool lights adopt the highest waterproof standards in design, raw material selection, and production. So our products have reached the highest waterproof level. In addition to some external factors causing leakage, as long as reasonable use and avoiding damage, you don’t have to worry about leakage.

LED durable, theoretical service life of more than 50,000 hours. As long as you choose the regular manufacturers, standardized installation, the lamps and lanterns are not easy to break. Most of the pool lights we produce come with a 2-3 year warranty.

How do you maintain LED pool lights for a longer lifetime?

Use matched voltage transformer. Pool lights have a lower voltage, different from common electrical appliances. So, remember to prepare a voltage transformer before installation or pool lights replacement.

Which products are most popular?

The products of interest to users in different regions are very different. We have developed new products for each regional market with a wide range of products. Therefore we cannot directly recommend the most popular models to you. You can check our list of led pool lights or contact us directly for the latest catalogue.

We specialize in pool light production and have rich experience in product design, manufacturing, and maintenance. So, you can trust us, and we certainly won’t disappoint you.

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