How To Change A Pool Light Bulb?

What would you do to kill time after one day’s work? If you have no idea about how to spend your time. Going swimming is a good idea. It not only benefits your health but also helps you relieve pressure. However, if the swimming pool light is dim or doesn’t work when you swim happily, it will spoil your enjoyment or even annoy you.

Many reasons cause underwater pool lights to dim or not work. The constant current LED driver probably doesn’t work, dimming the LED pool light. You can change a current driver to solve it. If most of the LED chips in the pool light are burned out, you will need to replace the pool light bulb with a new one or replace the entire pool light. In this article, you will find that pool light bulb replacement is not complex. In fact, pool light bulb replacement is an easy job, and you can do it by yourself.

Make Sure The Light Source of Your Pool Light is Replaceable

pool light bulbs

There are many types of pool lights and they vary greatly from company to company. For reasons such as the long life of LED pool lights, only some pool lights have replaceable light sources. Currently, the most common standards for replaceable pool light bulbs are PAR56 and E27. You can learn more about pool light sources by reading LED Pool Light Bulbs: A Complete Guide. In addition, you also can consult with your retailer or pool light manufacturer.


Before pool light bulb replacement, we need to be fully prepared so that we will not be in a hurry when changing the light bulb. Have the tools you need to change the bulb ready. Screwdriver, test pen, replacement light bulb.

Pump Water

Draining a portion of the pool water allows for easier replacement work. This is not necessary, but very useful for novices.

Turn Off The Power

When you’re done pumping, turn off the power to the pool. The pool power can be found on the power distribution box. After finding it, turn off the power. After turning off the power, try turning the light on again to confirm whether the power is turned off. If you can’t find pool power, your safest bet is to turn off the main power in your home. Then repeat the above method to see if you have turned off the power.

Detach The Pool Light

Detach The Pool Light

If it is a recessed pool light, reserved light wires will be in the pool light niche. At this time, you can unscrew the pool light and gently pry out the light. Then directly pull the light to the ground for the following work. If it is a wall-mounted pool light, you can loosen the wire on the other end after gently prying the pool light so that you can slowly pull out the light wire and then pull it to the ground.

Replace The Pool Light Bulb

Replace The Pool Light Bulb

The next step is to screw the screws. Some of the screws on the lamp cover are cross-shaped, and some are in-line. Therefore, prepare all possible tools at the beginning to ensure that you can get the tools you need at your fingertips and avoid wasting time. Take a suitable screwdriver, remove the screws from the lamp cover, put it in a safe place, remove the lamp cover, and put the screws together. 

Some bulbs are screw connectors that can be twisted and unscrewed, and some have wires attached, so take extra care when removing the bulb. When a wire is exposed, first use a test pen to test whether the wire is live at this time, and then replace it with a new bulb after confirming the safety.

If there are dirty things in the lamp to be cleaned in time, the swimming pool lamp used for more than ten years may also have internal water corrosion. If the corrosion is severe, even if we do pool light bulb replacement, it may be corrupted in a short time. In this case, replacing the pool light with a brand new one is best.

Put The Pool Light Back

After replacing the wick, put the inner collars of the lens back one by one. Then place the lamp housing and re-tighten the screws. For the recessed swimming pool light, wrap the light wire in circles, put it back in the alcove, fix it, and screw it on. For wall-mounted swimming pool lights, you also need to go to the other end of the wire after setting the light. Gently pull the wire that was pulled in just now, then connect it to the power supply, and stick the interface with insulating tape.

Organize tools to avoid missing screwdrivers, screws, etc. If you accidentally kick the fixtures into the swimming pool or are blown into it, it will cause safety hazards.

After doing all the above, turn the power back on and see if the pool light works properly. At the same time, use a test pen to test whether there is leakage around the pool light. After everything appears to be expected, our pool light bulb replacement is complete.

Questions You May Be Concerned About

How to determine the size of the bulb?

Generally speaking, pool lights are not easily damaged, so they are rarely replaced. When you want to do pool light bulb replacement, you will find that many years have passed, the product manual forgot where to put it, and the purchase record cannot be found for a long time. So, how do we determine the size of the pool light bulb if we want to do pool light bulb replacement ourselves? At this time, you can remove the light bulb and see if there is a product model on the light bulb. If there is, you can directly contact the manufacturer to inquire about the size. If not, take the old light bulb to the store or supermarket and let it work. The personnel brings you a light bulb of the same size.

How to choose the right bulb?

After determining the size of the bulb, we can choose the bulb we like. There are many factors you should take into account for pool light bulb replacement, joints, prices, colors…

Different material, different price. The common materials of pool light bulbs are stainless steel and plastic. You can choose one according to your preference.

As for colors, now pool light bulbs can give out more colors of lighting besides white color. If you intend to host a party someday, choosing a color-changing pool light bulb will be better.

How long will the bulb last after pool light bulb replacement? What about the after-sale service?

LED pool light bulb has a long life, if you buy a pool light bulb from a regular manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about the quality. The pool light bulb often passes quality tests and inspections in our company. Our products have a 3-year warranty. If you have any questions during use, you can connect us by email. Our technicist will answer your question as soon as possible.

What are the most popular pool light bulbs?

Among the current LED pool light sources, the most popular specifications are PAR56 and E27.

WAKING Lighting is a professional manufacturer of LED pool lights and light bulbs. All of our pool light sources are IP68 rated. Each light source may vary somewhat in size, material, and maximum supported power. Whether you need pool lighting products or want to solve related problems, feel free to contact us.

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