GloBrite vs. MicroBrite vs. IntelliBrite: Three Pentair Pool Lights

Pentair is one of the most recognized pool equipment manufacturers in North America and has a high market share in pool lighting. Their pool light offerings include the GloBrite,IntelliBrite and MicroBrite, all three of which are classic lines. I will compare these products in detail to help you understand them better. If you’re looking for alternatives to these products, I’ve also put together a list of the most suitable and well-known alternatives for your reference.

Pentair GloBrite

Pentair GloBrite

GloBrite is a new plastic pool light developed by Pentair that is great for showcasing and enhancing the shallow areas of your pool. It is also suitable for installation in narrow spaces, steps, pinch points, shallow areas etc. This product is compact, easy to install, lightweight and cheaper than stainless steel pool lights and is very widely used in swimming pools.

Unique features of the GloBrite

GloBrite is not repairable and once damaged, the light must be removed from the niche and replaced with a new one. They are also unique in the niches they fit, such as the GloBrite Gunite Niche and ColorVision Niche Kit.

Installation and removal of the GloBrite requires the use of specialized tools. If a GloBrite is installed in your pool, it is recommended that you keep the tools. This is because, this pool light has a higher failure rate than the other two. Some people have reported that they can appear at any time between 1-3 years, cracking, water ingress, and other issues. There are many discussions online complaining about the quality of the GloBrite.

Look what people are complaining about

In addition to purchasing a new GloBrite, you can also replace it in the following ways. If you are struggling with a damaged GloBrite, don’t miss the following.

Pentair GloBrite Alternatives

Replacement for Pentair GloBrite

Replacement for Pentair GloBrite

Several manufacturers have developed cost-effective replacements for GloBrite, such as WAKING Lighting’s HJ-FC-PC55. This product is ideal for Pentair’s GloBrite Gunite niche and ColorVision niche kits. It also fits standard 1.5-inch wall fittings. When set to Pentair mode, this product can be controlled using Pentair’s control system. Of course, you can also use other control systems that are supported by the HJ-FC-PC55 by default.


Unlike the GloBrite, which is filled with a lot of complaints, the MicroBrite has gotten much better reviews. Some people may want to replace their GloBrite with a MicroBrite after they have been damaged, and although there is little difference in size between the GloBrite and MicroBrite, their mounting kits are not compatible. An effective solution is to purchase a MicroBrite to GloBrite adapter, with which the MicroBrite can be adapted to GloBrite niches.

Pentair MicroBrite

Pentair MicroBrite

The MicroBrite is a compact plastic pool light that is only 3.5 inches long for use in pools and spas. It fits into narrow walls and tight spaces and provides excellent brightness, even illumination and stunning color effects.

Unique features of the MicroBrite

MicroBrite is available in any standard 1.5-inch pool wall fitting. Pentair offers a MicroBrite to GloBrite adapter (618040) to fit the GloBrite Niche or ColorVision Bubbler. in addition, Pentair offers three MicroBrite In addition, Pentai offers three MicroBrite-G models for users to choose from. These three models (602165, 602167, 618040) are the same as the regular MicroBrite, but come with the adapter pre-installed at the factory.

For some smaller pools, it may be possible to meet the lighting needs by installing only the MicroBrite. some sales reps at Pentair claimed that the MicroBrit only illuminates up to 12 feet, and some have found that it may be more than that. One user shared photos of a new pool measuring 20×44′. He installed 4 MicroBrits in the pool and 1 in the spa. He is very happy with the lighting in the pool.

Alternatives to MicroBrite

Alternatives to MicroBrite

If you think the MicroBrite is too expensive, consider looking for alternatives to the MicroBrite.

Both MicroBrite replacements come with anti-glare lenses. One has a stainless steel housing material and the other is plastic.

Pentair IntelliBrite

Pentair IntelliBrite

The IntelliBrite is a Pentair underwater lighting product for pools and spas with a stainless steel housing and anti-glare lens. With a stainless steel housing and anti-glare lens, the IntelliBrite is available in larger sizes (including niches).

Unique Features of IntelliBrite

The IntelliBrite is available in 120V and 12V versions for the North American market. In addition, the IntelliBrite is available in both large and small sizes. Both sizes are suitable for pools, and the small size can also be used in spas.

Alternatives to IntelliBrite

Alternatives to IntelliBrite

WAKING has developed two alternatives to the IntelliBrite, the 146mm HJ-RC-SS146 and the 258mm HJ-RC-SS258. Both are equipped with anti-glare lenses and can be adapted to the original IntelliBrite niche.


The GloBrite, MicroBrite and IntelliBrite models have their own special features. The IntelliBrite, for example, is more powerful and can provide general lighting for a variety of pools or spas, while the GloBrite and MicroBrite provide accent lighting, and they perform well on narrow walls and in tight spaces.

Choose the most appropriate Pentair pool light for your needs. There are also alternatives available if you find the cost of replacing them too expensive.

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