Installation et maintenance

In the process of installing, maintaining and using pool lights, we may encounter a variety of problems. For example, you don't know how to operate them, they don't light up, they flicker, they get water in them, and they lose a serious amount of brightness. These problems not only affect your experience, but also pose a threat to your safety. In this section, we will provide detailed knowledge and solutions to common pool lighting problems.

How To Install A Pool Light?

Comment installer un éclairage de piscine ?

When you search for LED pool light installation methods on the Internet, it can be difficult to find what you need. This is because there are many types of LED pool lights, and the products vary greatly from country to country and region to region. But don't worry, this article…

How To Winterize Pool Lights?

Comment hiverner les éclairages de piscine ?

Nowadays, pool lights are quite hyped by people. That’s because, other than lights, it creates an aesthetic vibe to the pool. In summer, everything is fine, and you can swim over. However, in winter, the weather doesn’t allow you to swim. Therefore, you have to close the pool during the…

How To Wire A Pool Light?

Comment câbler une lampe de piscine ?

Pool lights are a great addition to your pool, providing illumination and ambiance to your outdoor space. Wiring a pool light is an essential part of a pool that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Aside from providing illumination for night swimming, it is safe for the pool area. How to…

How To Turn On Pool Lights?

Comment allumer les lumières de la piscine ?

Can’t turn on the underwater pool lights? Installed LED pool lights but didn’t know how to switch the lights? It is believed that most pool owners have had similar experiences, and these issues are exactly what pool light buyers are worried about. So how do we avoid this from happening?…

How To Change A Pool Light Bulb?

Comment changer une ampoule de piscine ?

What would you do to kill time after one day’s work? If you have no idea about how to spend your time. Going swimming is a good idea. It not only benefits your health but also helps you relieve pressure. However, if the swimming pool light is dim or doesn’t…

How To Seal Pool Light Cable?

Comment sceller le câble d'éclairage d'une piscine ?

When building a swimming pool, most people will choose to install pool lights, which can illuminate the pool at night and make the pool look more beautiful. Because pool lights work in water, we had to pay extra attention to sealing pool light cables. If the sealing work is not…

How To Change A Pool Light?

Comment changer un éclairage de piscine ?

What would you do to pass the time on a hot summer day? Most of you would agree that swimming or playing water sports on a hot day is fantastic. At night, playing in a pool with color-changing pool lights and having a good time with your family is a…

Why do pool lights get water in them?

Pourquoi l'eau pénètre-t-elle dans les lampes de piscine ?

You may be struggling with these questions : Underwater pool lights are supposed to be waterproof, so why do they still get water in? Are there any safety hazards if the pool light gets water in? Can I continue to use my pool light after water has entered it? What…

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