Refletores LED para piscinas Installation Demo Video

Refletores LED Para Piscinas made by WAKING Lighting are popular pool lights in South and Latin America. They are simple in construction, easy to install and inexpensive to replace.

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Advantages and disadvantages of reflector LED piscina


Easy to replace

The reflector  LED piscina can easily replace a broken light source and continue to enjoy your fun time in the pool.

Low maintenance cost

The reflector LED piscina are mostly made of cost-effective materials, and the replacement cost is low.


Only DC

The casing light body is thin and cannot place AC electronic components.

Only low power

The casing light body is thin, small in size, weak in heat dissipation, and cannot withstand high-power LED chips.

Not beautiful enough

The sleeves will protrude from the pool wall and are not as aesthetically pleasing as recessed pool lights.

What region likes to use reflector LED piscina?

Reflectors LED para Piscinas is a pool light developed specifically for South and Latin America. In these areas, most people are more concerned about the price of the pool lights and how easy it is to replace them, hoping to enjoy a good pool time quickly.

WAKING Lighting understood the needs of these users and developed several reflector LED piscina. We will give more concessions to customers who buy in large quantities.

Que pouvez-vous vivre à WAKING ?

  • Prise en charge des OEM et ODM
  • Pas MOQ de quantité
  • Pas d'intermédiaires
  • Recommandation de produits adaptés à vos besoins
  • Diverses lampes pour répondre aux besoins d'éclairage des piscines, des pièces d'eau et des spas.
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