Interesting Stories About Pool Lighting

WAKING has become friends with many of our customers. Some of our customers have told us interesting stories about what happened to them when they used underwater lighting. I am now writing these stories down and sharing them with you. To protect the reputations of the people involved, I have used letters to refer to them and them.

It’s My Turn

A young man who likes to play tricks on people

A and B are good friends who occasionally play tricks on each other, and A has an indoor swimming pool at home.

A invites B to their house for a play date this evening. As it was too hot, A suggested they go to the pool after dinner and B happily agreed. As no one else was there, the two boys undressed, threw their clothes over the side of the pool and jumped in.

After swimming for a while, A suddenly said that he had a stomach ache. He left B to continue playing and walked out of the pool. A was not dressed. He ran straight to the door and turned off the lights. The room immediately went dark. B swore loudly while A laughed happily. It was not long before B suddenly stopped swearing and there was no sound from B.

A called B’s name but got no response, so A got worried and immediately turned on the light. When the lights came on B walked out of the pool without saying a word and started to get dressed. A hurriedly apologised to B, but B ignored him, and after B’s clothes were on, A remained awkwardly naked where he stood.

Suddenly, B picked up his clothes from the floor, rolled them into a ball and threw them into the pool. A flinched, cursed and jumped in to fish for his clothes. As soon as A had the clothes in his hands, the lights went out.

In the darkness, B’s voice laughed, “Now it’s my turn!”

There’s Shit in the Water

There’s Shit in the Water

Mr C runs a small indoor swimming pool. During the summer months, many people from the neighbourhood bring their children here to learn how to swim.

One afternoon, Mr C’s swimming pool was operating normally. Suddenly the lights in the pool went out.

This indoor pool does not have enough natural light and the pool and room looked a little dim after the power cut. Fearing an accident, Mr C and other staff shouted to parents to get their children out of the pool with them.

Many parents did not cooperate and stayed in the water with their children. It was only when they started to feel the heat that they left, one by one, with their children. Fortunately, the power outage was temporary and the electricity was restored in less than 15 minutes. At this point, there were still a few parents and children in the pool.

Parents who had already left the pool reentered it with their children. Suddenly a parent shouted, “There’s something in the water!” . Everyone followed the direction he pointed to and saw a yellowish-brown, irregularly shaped mass under the water. One parent got close enough to see that it turned out to be a piece of shit.” Someone’s pooped!” With that shout, everyone rushed out with their children. It didn’t take long for the pool to empty out.

Some of the younger children were still a little confused while the adults talked about it. A few adults found it novel and even laughed out loud. Only Mr C and the staff were a little unhappy. One of the staff frowned because he had to go fishing for shit.

Save Him

Lad lying in the pool

D is the second child in the family and he is very good at swimming. He also has an older sister who is two years older than him. One evening, D’s family had visitors and his parents were busy entertaining them.

When it was time for dinner, no one had seen D. D’s mother called out to D, but she did not hear him, so she asked her sister to look for him, but she searched all the rooms and still did not see him.

Sister went out into the yard to continue her search for D. Suddenly she saw something floating motionless on the pool, and it looked like a person in profile. She was terrified and ran into the house in tears. It wasn’t long before her parents came running out. Just as a group of people rushed over, D suddenly moved and then got out of the water on her own.

D was still in a daze when his dad pulled him out of the pool to see if anything was wrong. Fortunately, he was fine and everyone was finally reassured.

It turned out that D had slipped into the pool alone to play. To avoid being spotted, he did not turn on the pool lights. As a good swimmer, D floated to the surface and rested with his eyes closed. Sister didn’t see and was shocked.

The dinner went on. The guests felt that the atmosphere was not right, so they just ate and left. Next, D was shouted at by his sister. As D’s parents were nearby, D had to take the scolding.

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