External Controller

Operating Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Power: 216W/432W(12V/24V)
Model: HJ-0050/HJ-0051/HJ-0050-1


synchronization controller


Max Loaded Power : 216W/432W( 12V/24V)

Working Voltage : DC 12V/24V

Receiver Material : High quality PC with tempered glass full

Control Ways : Screen touch remote, mobile App

Operation Platform : Support WiFi and Bluetooth connection in Android and iOS system

  • RGB/RGBW WiFi controller
  • Touch screen panel
  • Compatible with RGB(4 wires)/ RGBW(5 wires) light
  • Built-in antenna, 30m wireless remote control range in open areas
  • Remote control via mobile APP
  • International general DMX512 signal can be received

HJ-050 is a high-performance WiFi & Bluetooth smart external control box that can control RGB (4-wire)/RGBW (5-wire) lamps. It is equipped with a special hanging plate for easy installation. The full touch screen control panel and handle are designed with a color ring section. Users can control the color ring to select the desired light color, switch between 7 static light colors and 9 light changing modes at will, and also adjust modes of brightness, speed and pause and jump changing. It is equipped with a full touch screen remote control handle to achieve wireless remote control. Remote intelligent control can be achieved by connecting to WiFi with the mobile device App developed by our company. In the absence of network, short-range intelligent control can be achieved through Bluetooth. You can download the App through App Store or scan the QR code.

HJ-0050-1 size
synchronization controller wiring diagram

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