Does 12V Voltage Suitable for All LED Underwater Lights?

12v pool lights

LED underwater lights are widely used in swimming pools, water features, fountains, yacht and other underwater scenes. Due to frequent close contact with people, their voltage is usually 12V/24V. 12V/24V are safe low-voltage lighting, but some people prefer to choose 12V. Should I choose 12V LEDs? This article will show the advantages and disadvantages of 12V LED underwater lighting to help you make the most suitable decision.

Advantages of 12V LED underwater lighting

1. Strong commonality

Many electrical systems run on 12V, including boats, cars, etc. This means that some common batteries and power systems in our life can be directly used with 12V LED underwater lights, and you don’t need to prepare additional transformers to change the working voltage.

2. Secure

12V LED pool lights are very safe. Even if a short-circuit fault occurs, there will be no combustion or explosion in the 12V/24V circuit system. The human body itself has resistance, and in the event of a leakage accident, it will be more difficult for the 12V voltage to break through the skin and other human tissues.

3. More easy operation

Since 12V is a common power supply voltage for power systems and safe enough, many people have relevant experience in installation and replacement operations. The tools used for construction are very common and will be equipped in many households. You can also easily buy it from a store.

4. Public choice

If your friends and neighbors choose 12V LED, then you can also choose 12V LED. It is usually the right choice to follow the majority, it means that you can seek their advice when buying, installing and using.

If you search on the internet, you’ll find 12V LED that people usually talk about.

Disadvantages of 12V LED underwater lighting

1. Construction lines are limited

The smaller the voltage, the lower the current, the longer the power line, and the greater the loss of electric energy in the line. This is why long-distance power transmission must use high voltage or even ultra-high voltage.

2. Lighting efficiency is slightly lower

In general, there is no obvious difference in the lighting effect of 12V LED and 24V LED with the same power. However, large-scale lighting projects have long lines and many equipments, which have very strict requirements on lighting effects. the 24V LED light is easier to ensure lighting effect and less power consumption.

According to the power formula, P = UI. Under the same power, the current in the 12V circuit is twice that of the 24V circuit. As the current increases, the circuit generates more heat, which is eventually lost in the form of heat.

power calculation formula

3. Increased construction costs

During installation and construction, in most cases, there is no need to consider the cost of additional power lines. However, some special lighting scenarios require the use of 12V voltage while reducing the voltage drop during transmission, so the diameter of the power line must be increased.

The power cord is a kind of conductor. The larger the diameter, the thicker the conductor will be, and the loss caused by transmission will be smaller. Thicker power cords mean higher construction costs.

Should I choose 12V LED underwater lights?

Our experience

WAKING has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of LED underwater lights since its establishment in 2007, and we have served customers of various types and needs around the world. Our customer purchase statistics for many years show :

Your situation

If you are planning to purchase underwater swimming pool lights for your own swimming pool, 12V LEDs would be a good choice with LEDs when you have no particular reason to consider 24V LEDs.

When purchasing for regular public lighting projects, it is best to choose 24V LEDs. public projects place great importance on lighting efficiency and quality, and it is important to choose high-quality LED chips.

If you have special circumstances to consider, and you don’t know how to choose. Contact us, WAKING experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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