Colors, Emotion and Underwater Lighting

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The invention of LEDs allows us to change the color of our underwater lights to suit our personal preferences. Whether we want to relax or host a delightful party, we can always find our favorite light color. Obviously, different colors give us different feelings, and colors can affect our emotions.

What is Mood Lighting?

Mood lighting is a lighting design concept that combines lighting technology and psychological principles. The concept of mood lighting believes that changing the brightness, color temperature, color and other settings of lighting can create different lighting atmospheres, thus affecting people’s emotions and even behavior.

Today, the concept of mood lighting has been widely used in a variety of lighting scenes to help people create a better lighting atmosphere.

Mood Lighting Application Scenarios

People now use mood lighting in a variety of applications in the home, workplace, business and healthcare.

For example, soft, warm lighting can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that can help reduce stress and anxiety. This is often seen in interior lighting environments in homes. Mild blue light is a soothing, calming and relaxing color often used in pool lighting.

Bright white light can provide clear illumination and improve human concentration and alertness. It is suitable for factories, hospitals, offices and other work environments.

Hotels, restaurants and other commercial places will be more lighting scenes of lamps and lanterns carefully designed to select the appropriate light color. They strive to create or high-end atmosphere, or hazy mystery, or full of passion and seduction of the lighting atmosphere.

The Emotional Impact of Colors in Underwater Lighting

Lighting colors can undoubtedly affect people’s emotions. Some people may feel differently about light and color than others, or even the opposite. However, for the vast majority of people, the emotional impact of color is similar. Below are some of the more common LED underwater lighting colors and the emotional feelings they evoke that apply to most people.

Blue Light

blue light pool

Blue is a soothing and calming light color. Using blue lighting in a pool can create a refreshing visual effect of the water, making it look more attractive and pleasant.

Blue light is close to the color of the sea and sky, so it can make people feel close to nature. Using blue lighting in a pool will give a sense of calm and serenity and can help swimmers relax.

White Light

white light pool

White is a pure, refreshing and soothing color. It can make people feel clear and calm.

White light is close to the color of natural light. The use of white light can better reproduce the color and texture of objects, making the water in the pool and the surrounding environment look more realistic and natural.

In addition, white light illumination is very clear and can clearly illuminate the surrounding and underwater environment. The use of white light illumination can improve your visibility and safety.

Green Light

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Green is one of the most common colors found in natural waters. Nutrient-rich waters can lead to algae blooms. Many algae contain chlorophyll, which is what makes the water look green.

Green is a calming and soothing color that has the ability to calm nerves, lower eye pressure, and improve muscle movement. Natural green can also improve fainting, fatigue, nausea, and some negative emotions.

The wavelength of green light is between 500-570nm. Aquatic organisms such as insects, fish and shrimp are attracted to the green light and gather near the light source. People often use green light in underwater fishing lights and dock lights.

Red Light

red light pool

Red is a strong and vivid color that provides a strong visual stimulus. The use of red light in underwater lighting can quickly attract attention.

In addition to its use as a warning, some underwater lighting designs use red light in a bold way to stimulate emotions. This is because red is considered a passionate color that evokes feelings of adventure and excitement. The use of red light can create a passionate and energetic atmosphere for the pool environment.

Orange Light

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People often consider orange to be a vibrant and warm color that has a positive emotional effect. It can increase energy and creativity, and inspire optimism and enthusiasm. Orange is also associated with socialization and communication, and can facilitate human interaction or promote intimate connections.

The use of orange in underwater lighting can increase the vitality and mental state of swimmers, making people feel enthusiastic and energetic.

Orange lighting is close to the color of sunset. By using orange lighting around the pool or water feature, you can simulate the effect of sunset lighting. This creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. It is a unique emotional and visual treat for people who enjoy romantic parties or sunset swimming experiences.

Purple Light

purple light pool

Purple is a color rich in mystery and allure, it is also associated with imagination and spirituality. The use of violet light in underwater lighting can create fantastic scenes and make the pool look more mysterious and attractive.

Purple light can also be associated with artistry and creativity. We can create a unique and rich literary art effect through clever lighting design.


The above description is only the common light color of LED underwater lights. Color changing LED lights are very rich in luminous color, you can adjust the brightness, color and other parameters through the controller to easily achieve a richer luminous color and lighting effects. You can freely combine through the controller according to your needs.

Although mood lighting has a role to play in enhancing people’s emotional experience, its scientific basis and universality remain controversial. Different people’s perceptions of and reactions to light and color vary from individual to individual, so the effects of mood lighting may vary from person to person. Some colors can have a negative effect on certain groups of people, such as those suffering from depression or sleep disorders, so people need to apply mood lighting theory with caution.

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