China Import And Export Fair

China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is the largest trade event in China and one of the world’s top trade fairs, through which many people come to China to find quality products and suppliers.

China Import and Export Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou. The Spring Fair (held in April-May) and the Fall Fair (held in September-October). The China Import and Export Fair provides a good face-to-face communication platform for buyers and sellers who are engaged in product trade.

The first Canton Fair was opened on April 25, 1957. By March 2023, the Canton Fair has been successfully held for 132 sessions. The 133rd Canton Fair will start on April 15, 2023.

Canton Fair is the most important offline channel for China to conduct trade with the world. It is a good promotion for both sides of trade between China and other countries.

Promotional Role For Buyers

The Canton Fair has many exhibitors, many products, and a wide variety of products. In addition to being able to easily purchase the products you need or develop new supply systems, you can also judge the market situation and trends based on the exhibits.

Promotional Effect On Sellers

There are many buyers and people looking for supply chains visiting Canton Fair. This is a good opportunity to promote products and make friends with target customer groups. According to the statistics in recent years, new buyers account for about 40%, and there are many new business opportunities emerge every year.

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