Are LED Pool Lights Safe?

LED pool lights

Nowadays, LED has become the main stream product of swimming pool lighting. Compared with traditional halogen lamps, LED swimming pool lights are more energy efficient, have many optional emitting colors, and are environment friendly. For users, it also has the most crucial feature – safety. This article will take you through a comprehensive understanding of why LED swimming pool lights are safer.

Safe working voltage

The voltage of standard LED swimming pool lights is 12V or 24V, which is lower than the 36V safety voltage. This means that even if the swimming pool has an electric leakage problem, electric shock in the water will not harm the human body.

Despite the low voltage of LED swimming pool lights, the brightness is still excellent. The light efficiency of an ordinary LED light chip is 2-3 times that of a traditional halogen lght chip. The top brand LED light chip efficiency of LED lights is even 6-7 times of traditional halogen lights. When other interference factoirs are not considered, a 20W LED light has a brightness equivalent to a halogen light with above 150W at most.

According to the power calculation formula, P = UΙ. When the electric current is constant, the power is reduced by half, and the voltage is also reduced by half. Therefore, the LED swimming pool light still has high brightness at low voltage.

power calculation formula


LED swimming pool light chips are divided into SMD and COB. There are some differences in the technology and process of different manufacturers, but they generally consist of chips, brackets, silver glue, gold wires, and epoxy resin.

These parts do not contain mercury, so there is no need to worry about mercury leakage caused by broken lamps. The LED manufacturing process uses semiconductors and precious metals, which is also the main reason for the high cost of LED manufacturing.

In order to reduce the selling price, some manufacturers will save costs on materials and processes. Therefore, you need to beware of LED pool lights priced much lower than similar products because they are prone to problems.

Don’t need to worry about getting cut

Traditional incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, and energy-saving lights all have glass shells or light tubes. These structures take up a lot of space and are also very easy to break. Please pay attention to avoid bumping and being cut by glass fragments when careying, installating and using them. LEDs do not have this structure, so there is no such trouble at all.

Strong waterproof performance

The manufacture and application of LED in the field of swimming pool lighting is very mature, and many manufacturers have launched swimming pool lights for underwater lighting environments. LED swimming pool lights with strong waterproof ability will not leak electricity and have a longer service life. IP68 rated underwater pool lights usually use the following measures to prevent water from entering the light body:


Structural engineers design lamps strictly according to international protection standards and test repeatedly to ensure the reliability of product design.

Waterproof material

The common materials of underwater lighting are stainless steel, plastic, glass, brass, and aluminum, and their water-proof ability is excellent.

VDE waterproof power cord

Reliable manufacturers use waterproof power cords that are VDE certified.

Light body in resin filled

A unique waterproof method injects the entire light source with a sealing colloid to completely isolate the possibility of water and dust entering. This method is suitable for LED lights with good heat dissipation and low power. Excessive temperature will melt the colloid and reduce the service life.

Sealing rubber ring

It is often found at the joint between the power cord and the inside of the lamp to prevent water from entering through the gap of the power cord.


In order to unify standards and quality, some countries or international organizations have formulated relevant specifications and certifications. The safety and quality stability of LED lights that have passed relevant certifications are more reliable.

When selecting LED swimming pool lights, you can ask the seller or manufacturer if they have a locally recognized certification.

Choose compliant parts

Aside from lamps, good lamp accessories can also reduce safety hazards and prolong the service life of lamps. Transformers, Power supplies, plugs, and power cords all have met certification standards. When selecting the transformer or power supply, it is also necessary to reserve a certain amount of power space according to the lamps and lanterns to prevent overloading.


LED pool lights

The above content has let us understand that LED swimming pool lights are very safe, but we still need to pay attention when installing them.

Adding short circuit protectors to swimming pool lighting systems is necessary to make the pool environment safer. The circuit design and installation must be strictly in accordance with the specifications.

A customer came to us for help due to a lamp failure. WAKING engineers found that the main reason was unreasonable circuit design after an investigation:

Iraqi Pool Builder


Led pool lights are very safe. What we have to do is to confirm the waterproof performance of the product, qualification certification, and select compliant parts for the seller or manufacturer at the time of purchase. Strictly follow the specifications during installation and equip the lighting system with a short circuit protector. By doing this, you can enjoy your time at the pool without worrying about safety.

WAKING is a professional LED pool light manufacturer, and we are also experts in the field of LED safety knowledge. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

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