Advantages of LED Pool Lights

Advantages of LED Pool Lights

LED has been around for decades and its variety is increasing. LED pool lights with the same electronic parameters are more expensive than tungsten lights. However, the LED process is becoming more sophisticated and manufacturing is expanding. Now, the manufacturing cost of LED is gradually decreasing. Today, LED has taken the majority of the market share in the pool light field. By 2019, the scale of LED pool lights has exceeded $27.9 billion.

Why are LED pool lights so popular? This article has compiled some advantages of LED pool lights to help you learn more about them.

Long Life Span

At present, the normal life of LED has generally exceeded 50,000 hours, while the life of ordinary tungsten lights is only 800-2000 hours. You will have to replace LED pool lights far less frequently than other types of pool lights.

The lighting industry states that when the light’s brightness falls below 70% of its initial brightness, its life is deemed to be exhausted. Poor-quality LED light decay is fast and will soon run out of life, and you will have to replace it because you can not tolerate the severely reduced lighting brightness. Choose pool lights which using high-quality LED chips, standard installation, and normal use, these measures will greatly reduce the impact of light decay on LED life.

Energy Saving

LED is a cold light source, the efficiency of the use of electrical energy up to 80% or more, low-power LED can achieve sufficient brightness of the lighting effect. Traditional halogen pool lights are energy inefficient, wasting most of their power in heat and infrared, ultraviolet light. To achieve light levels similar to low-power LEDs, you need more power.

The vast majority of lighting equipment is maintenance and use costs far more than the cost of purchase. the long life of the LED, the longer you use, the more money you save on replacement and electricity costs.


Safe Voltage

The working voltage of LED pool light is 12V/24V, which is very safe. Even if the electricity leaks in the pool, it will not cause harm to human body due to electric shock accident.

No mercury

Some accidents may cause the pool light to break and the interior comes into direct contact with water. Energy-saving lamps contain mercury inside, and the breakage may lead to mercury poisoning due to contact or inhalation of mercury vapor.

Mercury is a highly toxic substance that is very dangerous to health and difficult to eliminate completely from the body. The longer mercury is present in the human body, the more pronounced the effects on the body will be. the materials used to manufacture LEDs do not contain mercury.

No risk of cuts

While ordinary glass sheets are very sharp and pose a great threat to personal safety, LED lights do not have ordinary glass covers like fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Their covers are made of PC or tempered glass, making them safer. This also makes them easier to transport.

Cut by broken glass

Small Attraction to Small Insects

The small flying insects have phototropism. Different light has different wavelengths. Scientific studies have found that small insects can perceive different wavelengths of color. Ultraviolet light has a short wavelength of less than 550 nm. Short wavelengths are more likely to attract small insects. They will flutter around light sources that emit ultraviolet light.

Insects that are attracted to light

There are also insects that sense objects that emit a lot of heat. This is because these objects radiate infrared light outwards.

Small insects may only bring you visual and psychological discomfort when they flutter around an ordinary open-air light source. What if they are attracted to an underwater pool light? The bug carcasses will float on the surface of the water, ruining the aesthetics, polluting the water and harming your health. You will have to change the water frequently or even clean the pool in order to clean it.

LED lighting emits very little UV light and attracts very few small insects. LED is a cold light source. It wastes only a small amount of electricity by turning it into heat and generates low heat. Compared to other types of lighting, the infrared radiation from LED lights is more difficult for small insects to perceive. Therefore, whether underwater or around the pool, the choice of LED lighting is the best choice

Rich Light Effect

Red, green and blue are the three basic colors of RGB, through the mixing of three different brightness of the basic color can produce more than 16 million kinds of colors. LED lights follow this principle, relying on three red, green, blue three light sources mixed with the basic color can produce a rich luminous color.

Understanding the Color Changing Principle of LED Pool Lights

In actual use, by the controller and other factors, although far from 16 million so many, but also very rich. Some pool light controller can change the color of the light through the color ring, choose more and more convenient.

LEDs, made of semiconductor materials, maintain the low temperature required for normal operation and are more resistant to the impact of current. Frequent power on and off has less impact on the LED, so most of the dimmable, luminous color-rich lights commonly found in life are LED lights.

Fast Response Time

LED response time is very fast, when the current passes through, almost immediately can send light. LED lights can receive control signals immediately after the light or change the color, brightness and other parameters, and frequent switching will not have a significant impact on the service life.

In the need for frequent changes in lighting scenes, such as light fountains, LED lights are very popular.

Rich Variety

A wide variety of pool lights

LED pool lights have developed to a large variety, which can meet the different needs of users in different areas.

Pool lights can be divided into plastic and stainless steel according to the material. The price, texture, and characteristics of different materials vary greatly. It is best to understand them clearly before choosing.

Pool lights can be divided into wall-mounted and embedded types according to the installation method.

According to the applicable pool type can be divided into concrete pool lights, vinyl pool lights, fiberglass pool lights.

There are also pool lights called nicheless pool lights.

Some pool light manufacturers offer customized services to meet your individual needs.


As you can see from the above aspects, LED pool lights have obvious advantages. Therefore, when you need to install or replace your pool lights, I always recommend you to choose LED pool lights. If you were using other types of pool lights before, replacing the lighting system will cost you an extra amount. But trust me, it’s worth it. The longer you use LEDs, the more you will be convinced of this.

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