A Contractor from the US

Installation effect of swimming pool lights

Customer identity

James is a contractor from the United States, mainly undertaking decoration projects for the government, amusement parks, and private villas. James purchases a large number of decoration materials every month. Some of these materials come from the United States and some are imported from China.

Local market

In the US, the coverage rate of swimming pools is the highest in the world, The US market is very large, and there are many brands of swimming pool lights. Pentair is the largest water treatment company in the United States, and Pentair’s pool lights also have a large market share.

Customer needs

James often undertakes swimming pools and water park projects. There are plenty of pool lights on James’s purchase list every month. James has mainly used Pentair’s pool lights before. But Pentair’s products are very expensive, costing hundreds of dollars for one light. In order to reduce costs, James started looking for a new supplier of pool lights.

James expects new suppliers to meet the following terms:

  • Price competitive
  • Trustable quality
  • Lights can be controlled by WIFI and simple operation
  • Light cables can offer at least 15m, and some require 30m

Finally, James found WAKING Lighting, a professional underwater lighting equipment supplier from China.

Purchase experience

WAKING Lighting’s products can meet all of James’s needs. James is a professional contractor. He quickly completed the verification and reached cooperation with WAKING Lighting.

James has ordered HJ-RC-SS146, HJ-RC-SS258, and HJ-FG-PC94. As both James and WAKING Lighting were very professional, the initial purchase went smoothly and quickly.

These are HJ-RC-SS146 and HJ-RC-SS258, which are Pentair Intellibrite alternatives.

Use experience

James commented that our lights are easy to operate, stable in quality, and have good lighting effects. After that, James kept purchasing from WAKING Lighting every month.

James specially sent a construction effect video to praise our products.

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